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Dodge Cummins A/C Pump

    As Alberta's Largest Dodge diesel salvage and wrecking yard, Dodge Diesel Truck World carries a large inventory of used Dodge diesel trucks and parts, including: engines, fuel injectors, pumps, engine parts, wiring harnesses, transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, ECM’s, PCM’s, emissions equipment, interior parts, body parts, wheels, tires, and more. Commonly sold parts and pricing can be found on our parts page. Along with used engines, we also offer repaired engines, resealed engines, rebuilt long blocks, and rebuilt complete drop-ins. If you are looking for a new engine with a full factory warranty, our new engine supplier offers Cummins engines that are built better than OEM Cummins specifications.  


     Dodge Diesel Truck World not only has a large selection of used OEM Cummins and Dodge parts, but we also carry new and used performance parts and accessories. With suppliers like FLO~PRO Exhaust, Edge Products, Industrial Injection, BD Power, and many others, we can give your Dodge diesel the extra power you are looking for. Our Cummins Western Canada trained and certified diesel mechanics, with over 45 years of combined experience, can install any of the new and used parts that we sell.


     We are always looking to expand our inventory of used trucks; no matter the condition of your truck, Dodge Diesel Truck World will offer to purchase your truck at fair market salvage value. Check back with us often, as new units are added monthly to our wrecking yard. All of the used parts we sell have been tested and are sold as working pieces. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, please contact us to find out if we have what you are looking for.

Dodge Ram Wrecking Pickup Truck 4X4
Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Leather Interior
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